Friday, October 30, 2009

Paragliding in Pakistan

Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is a debonair young sport in Pakistan. Very few people are familiar with this sport. With numerous mountain ranges in different areas especially northern areas, Pakistan is a heaven for the Paragliders who are always in search of new and challenging places to show their skills and talents. Pakistan association of free flying (PAFF) is contributing its part in promoting this adventurous and competitive sport. PAFF is a non profit, voluntary organization which aims to promote Hang gliding, Paragliding and Parasailing. It runs coaching courses for pilots, ensures training standards and safety concerns. At the same time, some local registered clubs are also playing their role to promote this sport. Two Pakistani Paragliders named Sajjad Shah and Jabbar Bhatti did paragliding in 1986 and 1987 respectively. It is a new sport in Pakistan and laws are still to be defined to deal with different aspects of this sport. There are different paragliding spots in Pakistan. Tourists love to fly over Hunza valley, Skardu town, Hushe valley, Spantik and Nagar valley. There are different flying sites in Pakistan for Paragliding which include two sites in Baltistan namely Shigar and Chunda, Base camp of Nanga Parbat with name of site as fairy meadows, Booni( Uttul), Birmoghlasht (Summer Palace) in Chitral, Eagle's nest in Hunza, Mung and Kohala in Khanpur, Express way site in Murree etc. I would love to hear more about paragliding in Pakistan and training institutes. If you want to share some information, you are welcome.

I have found some remarkable videos about paragliding in Pakistan. Just see how ideal place Pakistan is to do paragliding!

Another Fabulous video:

Tandem Take-off from Lohar Gali, Muzzafarabad, Pakistan:

Paragliding from Biafo Glacier:

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