Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paragliding in South Korea

South Korea is a country which is peninsular off the east coast of Asia's continent. It divides the Chinese Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan. Some 75% area of the South Korea is covered with mountains. The average height of mountains is around 3300 feet (1100 m) which is not huge but ideal for slope soaring. The fantastic scenery and the soaring conditions make different parts of South Korea a perfect location to paraglide ( מצנחי רחיפה ). The area around the capital city, Seoul, is a good option for the visitors to stay and enjoy. The winters in South Korea are cold and the climate in the northern region is Alpine as its latitude is similar to Europe and presence of mountains on such a huge area lift the average altitude. Annual rainfall in South Korea is 1300 mm approx. or 5 inches. Most of these rainfalls are during 90 days and 30 of those days are during the months of Late July and August which is rainy monsoon season. So if you decide to paraglide in this season, it would be quite hard to keep your canopy of Parglider dry. South Korea is a place which is experiencing a remarkable growth in paragliding sport. It is really fun to paraglide in this hilly and frosty area. The first paragliding festival here took place back in 1993. In this festival, the pilots wore the fancy dresses and along with the colorful Paragliders, the sky was presenting a very fabulous picture. Now days, there are some 10000 pilots who go for paragliding in South Korea and they are from different paragliding schools and clubs of South Korea. There are many paragliding pilots who earn a name for themselves from this region. One of them is Gin Seok. He is head of the famous manufacturer Gin Paragliders. Gin has made some remarkable inputs into the paragliding game in South Korea over time. He was the man who along with others first organized the First Asian Paragliding Championship. Gin Boomerang Paragliders also placed well in many of the competitions around the globe.

I have found the video that best describes the South Korea's scenery and hilly areas, climate and slope soaring frosty region.

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