Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paragliding in Turkey

The mountainous terrain, landscapes, beautiful sceneries and weather conditions make Turkey a perfect location to paraglide. There are different locations in Turkey that provide perfect opportunities to enthusiastic paragliders. Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is getting popularity at much greater pace in Turkey. The seaside village of Olu Deniz near Fethiye provides excellent spot for paragliding. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains. This corner of Mediterranean, extending into clear waters of the Southern Aegean Sea provides sensational and fabulous paragliding conditions from months April to November. Paragliding courses are also offered in the city of Lzmir to individuals who are seeking for a paragliding license. In Olu Deniz, the transport is easily and frequently available and accommodation is cheap. The busy and beautiful metropolis of Fethiye is just 5 kms away and provides opportunity to paraglider lovers to see another side of Turkey. There are different training schools available in area which aim to provide training to the new learners. These institutes can even arrange domestic flights, airport welcome, hotels, accommodations and transport. Solo paragliding in the Olu Deniz is only allowed to qualified pilots. As the logistics of the terrain make Ole Deniz not a suitable location for training, the courses are arranged in Lzmir which is just few hours north of Olu Deniz. These institutes use modern and internationally approved equipment and have the services of qualified pilots. All activities are protected by full insurance underwritten by the International Commercial Company. Today the hill parachuting is a cheap aviation sport. It is also most preferred sport due to its closeness to the nature. I would like to know about any other paragliding spot in Turkey, feel free to share this information with me.

I have found few wonderful videos about parglidinig in the Ole Deniz, Turkey and want to share these with you.

Olu Deniz video 2:

Olu Deniz video 3:

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