Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Some Emergency Situations that a Paraglider may Encounter during a Flight

Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is a sensational and remarkable sport and hundreds of thousands of people experience it around the globe each year. Although it is a very easy going and friendly sport, you may encounter some emergency situations during its flight. You should have good awareness of these situations and know the ways through which you can handle them. During flight, a paraglider may experience some equipment problems i.e. breaking of the ropes of brake. To cope with this, you should pull the back column on the side that will be turned to or weight inclining method would be quite helpful to make the return. Asymmetric closure is another frequently confronted emergency situation. One side of the wing is closed and other side is open, so from the closed side, movement of turning begins with the effect of friction. You need to slow down the turning and move to closed side. Another situation might be that you get dragged in strong wind. Well, as soon as you realize that wind is changing direction, you should land immediately because it might be the case that you get dragged to a hill-back. In case if rain starts during the flight, landing is a best option. If you choose to continue in rain, chances are there that water will enter into escape side which will increase the weight and parachute will have a stol. This might limit your movements as well. There might be a situation when fabric part of the wing enters between the ropes. To cope with this, one should slow down the turning and apply the brake. Also, wing's front closure may happen because of a strong turbulence. To overcome this situation, you need to pull the strings till the end and then let them free.

I have found a video about emergency landing and want to share it with you.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paragliding in Turkey

The mountainous terrain, landscapes, beautiful sceneries and weather conditions make Turkey a perfect location to paraglide. There are different locations in Turkey that provide perfect opportunities to enthusiastic paragliders. Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is getting popularity at much greater pace in Turkey. The seaside village of Olu Deniz near Fethiye provides excellent spot for paragliding. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains. This corner of Mediterranean, extending into clear waters of the Southern Aegean Sea provides sensational and fabulous paragliding conditions from months April to November. Paragliding courses are also offered in the city of Lzmir to individuals who are seeking for a paragliding license. In Olu Deniz, the transport is easily and frequently available and accommodation is cheap. The busy and beautiful metropolis of Fethiye is just 5 kms away and provides opportunity to paraglider lovers to see another side of Turkey. There are different training schools available in area which aim to provide training to the new learners. These institutes can even arrange domestic flights, airport welcome, hotels, accommodations and transport. Solo paragliding in the Olu Deniz is only allowed to qualified pilots. As the logistics of the terrain make Ole Deniz not a suitable location for training, the courses are arranged in Lzmir which is just few hours north of Olu Deniz. These institutes use modern and internationally approved equipment and have the services of qualified pilots. All activities are protected by full insurance underwritten by the International Commercial Company. Today the hill parachuting is a cheap aviation sport. It is also most preferred sport due to its closeness to the nature. I would like to know about any other paragliding spot in Turkey, feel free to share this information with me.

I have found few wonderful videos about parglidinig in the Ole Deniz, Turkey and want to share these with you.

Olu Deniz video 2:

Olu Deniz video 3:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Paragliding in Pakistan

Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is a debonair young sport in Pakistan. Very few people are familiar with this sport. With numerous mountain ranges in different areas especially northern areas, Pakistan is a heaven for the Paragliders who are always in search of new and challenging places to show their skills and talents. Pakistan association of free flying (PAFF) is contributing its part in promoting this adventurous and competitive sport. PAFF is a non profit, voluntary organization which aims to promote Hang gliding, Paragliding and Parasailing. It runs coaching courses for pilots, ensures training standards and safety concerns. At the same time, some local registered clubs are also playing their role to promote this sport. Two Pakistani Paragliders named Sajjad Shah and Jabbar Bhatti did paragliding in 1986 and 1987 respectively. It is a new sport in Pakistan and laws are still to be defined to deal with different aspects of this sport. There are different paragliding spots in Pakistan. Tourists love to fly over Hunza valley, Skardu town, Hushe valley, Spantik and Nagar valley. There are different flying sites in Pakistan for Paragliding which include two sites in Baltistan namely Shigar and Chunda, Base camp of Nanga Parbat with name of site as fairy meadows, Booni( Uttul), Birmoghlasht (Summer Palace) in Chitral, Eagle's nest in Hunza, Mung and Kohala in Khanpur, Express way site in Murree etc. I would love to hear more about paragliding in Pakistan and training institutes. If you want to share some information, you are welcome.

I have found some remarkable videos about paragliding in Pakistan. Just see how ideal place Pakistan is to do paragliding!

Another Fabulous video:

Tandem Take-off from Lohar Gali, Muzzafarabad, Pakistan:

Paragliding from Biafo Glacier:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paragliding in South Korea

South Korea is a country which is peninsular off the east coast of Asia's continent. It divides the Chinese Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan. Some 75% area of the South Korea is covered with mountains. The average height of mountains is around 3300 feet (1100 m) which is not huge but ideal for slope soaring. The fantastic scenery and the soaring conditions make different parts of South Korea a perfect location to paraglide ( מצנחי רחיפה ). The area around the capital city, Seoul, is a good option for the visitors to stay and enjoy. The winters in South Korea are cold and the climate in the northern region is Alpine as its latitude is similar to Europe and presence of mountains on such a huge area lift the average altitude. Annual rainfall in South Korea is 1300 mm approx. or 5 inches. Most of these rainfalls are during 90 days and 30 of those days are during the months of Late July and August which is rainy monsoon season. So if you decide to paraglide in this season, it would be quite hard to keep your canopy of Parglider dry. South Korea is a place which is experiencing a remarkable growth in paragliding sport. It is really fun to paraglide in this hilly and frosty area. The first paragliding festival here took place back in 1993. In this festival, the pilots wore the fancy dresses and along with the colorful Paragliders, the sky was presenting a very fabulous picture. Now days, there are some 10000 pilots who go for paragliding in South Korea and they are from different paragliding schools and clubs of South Korea. There are many paragliding pilots who earn a name for themselves from this region. One of them is Gin Seok. He is head of the famous manufacturer Gin Paragliders. Gin has made some remarkable inputs into the paragliding game in South Korea over time. He was the man who along with others first organized the First Asian Paragliding Championship. Gin Boomerang Paragliders also placed well in many of the competitions around the globe.

I have found the video that best describes the South Korea's scenery and hilly areas, climate and slope soaring frosty region.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Safety Concerns during Paragliding

Paragliding is an extreme sport and it is really fun to have feeling of joy while flying through the sky. It is a very recreational and adventurous sport and enjoyed by millions around the world. At the same time, Paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) is a high risk sport and injuries can happen at any time while taking flight. Injuries are mainly to the lower limb like twisted ankles suffered while take-off or landing. More than 90% of these injuries happen to beginners during their first 10-15 flights, the majority of these injuries being to the lower leg. Careful Paragliders always look for the safety measures, analyze the conditions and adopt proper paragliding techniques to ensure their safety. The safety much depend on the skills and sense of the pilot, his technique, equipment used, ability to analyze conditions and planning according to that. The good pilot would not paraglide at sites that offer an unreasonable challenge to his or her flying skills. The safe pilot will only fly on days in which the weather is conducive to safe flight. Turbulence in all its forms is very dangerous for a flying Paraglider wing. Paragliders are the slowest of the gliders and combination of good training, techniques, judgment, planning and good equipment
offers to pilot high levels of safety.

I have found this video good in this regard and want to share it with you

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Training is required to do Paragliding safely

Paragliding is an excellent adventurous flying sports and experiencing it is a feeling of life time. An individual sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. Thousand of tourists around the world visit many recreational resorts around the globe to experience joy of paragliding. To enjoy this sports to its full, you need to have some expertise and prior training keeping in view your safety too. I am a huge fan of paragliding and these days, i am seeking for some paragliding ( מצנחי רחיפה ) training school to join it. While searching through web, i have come across Manilla Paragliding flying school located in Australia. It is located at one of the worlds best and safest flying sites - Mt Borah, which got the privilege of hosting 2007 Paragliding World Championships. It offers 9 day Live-In license courses and, tandem instructional flights. It offers autumn and spring courses with very reasonable and affordable prices. I am seriously thinking to join this school to make my dreams come true.

I have found this video interesting and want to share with you. This would give you some idea that how fascinating the paragliding flight could be.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I think that paragliding is a recreational, competitive and adventurous sports. At the same time, you should be brave enough to take the challenge of flying through the air just having a para glider along with you. I mean it is not easy to fly at many heights . Most of people even don't bother to think about it. You have to have a big heart to do( מצנחי רחיפה ) paragliding and in my point of view, this game is not for ordinary people. This sports has fascinated me for a very long time and i am a big fan of it. I am so much captivated by its charm that for ages, i have dreamed myself flying in the air, over snowy mountains and streams just with a para glider. I think that no thing in this world is compareable to this feeling. This also gives me feeling that i am brave enough. I need you that just in your heart , think about this sport and ask yourself a question ,"Am i brave enough to do so?" and see how much brave you are.