Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I think that paragliding is a recreational, competitive and adventurous sports. At the same time, you should be brave enough to take the challenge of flying through the air just having a para glider along with you. I mean it is not easy to fly at many heights . Most of people even don't bother to think about it. You have to have a big heart to do( מצנחי רחיפה ) paragliding and in my point of view, this game is not for ordinary people. This sports has fascinated me for a very long time and i am a big fan of it. I am so much captivated by its charm that for ages, i have dreamed myself flying in the air, over snowy mountains and streams just with a para glider. I think that no thing in this world is compareable to this feeling. This also gives me feeling that i am brave enough. I need you that just in your heart , think about this sport and ask yourself a question ,"Am i brave enough to do so?" and see how much brave you are.

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